Get your site's estimated value!


We provide simple stats and a value for free! is a free alternative to paid services you may find across the endless blackhole called the internet. We display as many stats about a website that we can for free.

These stats include:

  • google pagerank
  • alexa rank
  • number of backlinks
  • page speed score
  • bounce rate
  • dmoz listing
  • search engine index
  • its social likes/shares

Our website price estimator

Our site price estimator tool uses the most advanced algorithms for calculating an estimated value of a website in mere seconds. It is nearly impossible to get an exact value of a website, but we do our best to get as close as possible. We just provide a guideline to help find an estimated market price of a domain name. Our algorithms analyze all of the collected data to generate the estimated market value of the website. Every single piece of data collected can add or subtract from the final line.

Why get an estimated price

Well for starters, if you ever want to sell or buy a website, you should most defintally have a starting point to work from. We try to provide that starting point at the most reasonable price we can. Another reason is that you may just be curious to know the value of a website. I use to spend hours and hours researching what people pay for websites "similar" to mine to see how well I was doing, even though I had no intent on selling. Just the feeling of knowing you have a site worth a few hundered or even over 10 thousand is a good feeling indeed. Well, even if you're not curious and have no intent on selling as of right now, you should still get an estimated value of your website. Who knows, you may get an offer on your website that interest you and need a baseline to judge the quality of the offer before you accept.